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Government Contracting

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Case Study:
Improving Brand Health

Market research helps advanced technology company reposition itself and improve familiarity among key market segments. 

Growing your share in the highly competitive government markets requires that you effectively maneuver and overcome unique challenges and obstacles. To succeed, your organization needs market data that is meaningful, current and actionable.

Market Connections has over a decade of experience conducting market studies with not only U.S. federal, state and local government agencies, but also with government agencies around the world.

We'll develop and conduct research programs that are customized to your specific government market segments, information needs and growth objectives.

With our expertise, you'll gain critical insights into agencies' budgets and allocations, mission objectives and priorities, decision-making influences and program requirements. We'll uncover their purchasing motivators and behaviors, their perceptions of product and solution providers and what it takes to meet their changing value standards.

In short, we'll uncover how to effectively sharpen your competitive edge and improve your contracting performance.