2014 FedPulse Greatest Hits: Winning the Business through Capture and Acquisition Strategies - (Archived)

Winning the business gets more difficult each year. From targeting new clients to winning recompetes, thoughtful capture and acquisition strategies are critical to a company’s long-term success.

At the start of a new year, now is the time many companies are assessing their capture and acquisition strategies, and assessing what worked in 2014 and thinking ahead to changes in 2015. To help guide your decisions, the FedPulse editorial team has compiled a list of the top five articles pertaining to best practices in capture and acquisition.

#1 Government Contractors Reshape Growth Strategies for 2014

As companies rethink go-to-market strategies and make changes in the way they compete, Market Connections and Lohfeld Consulting Group teamed up to conduct a poll of 220 government contractors. In this article, Bob Lohfeld, President, Lohfeld Consulting Group, shares his thoughts on the most common strategies.

#2: PODCAST: Trey Obering, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton, Discusses Streamlining Acquisition Process

A study from Booz Allen Hamilton and the Government Business Council (GBC) about key challenges in the acquisition process revealed that 43% of senior federal and military defense leaders believe there is a major disconnect between government and industry expectations with regard to the acquisition process. In addition, 60% of these leaders identified the same challenge in the C4ISR realm. In this podcast, Trey Obering, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton discusses the findings. Click here to listen.

#3: Tired of Coming In Second or Third on Major Contract Pursuits?

There are fewer dollars available and many publicly traded contractors are feeling more pressure from investors and their boards of directors to grow in a down market. With competition for new procurements growing fiercer every day, how do you win the work? Learn how contractors can overcome the challenge of coming in second place on a bid.

#4: Incumbent Contractors: Never Assume Success When Re-Competing

There was a time when incumbent contractors had the luxury of assuming they would win a re-compete. Those days are over. With less opportunity and more competition, it is vital to be armed with all the key knowledge required to win a re-compete. Learn more about what you need to know here.

#5: Government Contractors Strive to Improve Competitiveness in 2014

Market Connections and Lohfeld Consulting Group teamed up to conduct a poll of 220 government contractors to find out how they’re staying competitive. Most companies are working on improving their business acquisition function, including reworking processes, adding tools, and moving to agile staffing strategies to better match resources to capture and proposal workloads. On the operations side, companies are restructuring organizations to better align with market strategies and moving to reduce internal costs in order to gain pricing advantages. Click here to learn about these initiatives.


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