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How federal buyers consume digital content is changing. Make sure your digital content strategy reflects what your customers want and need.

In the Federal Content Marketing PulsePollTM, we found that how federal decision makers are consuming digital content is changing: Webinars, case studies and research reports are the top types of content they find useful.

In March, Linda Descano, Managing Director and Global Head of Content & Social at Citi, posted an article on LinkedIn recapping the The Content Council’s annual conference, Content Chaos: Navigating the Path to Engagement. Linda’s article covers many great points, but three in particular bear keeping in mind as you develop content to reach the federal market:

  • Content marketing is more than a discipline; it’s everything you do. CDW shared that it feels content IS marketing. This means it views every piece of marketing communications it creates as a piece of content that should educate, inform or entertain the reader. The Federal Content Marketing PulsePoll revealed that educating and informing are the two top benefits users want from content.
  • Never forget what’s in it for the reader. Readers/users want to know before they click precisely what they’ll get out of your content. Make sure that is clear. And they don’t care where that content originates, as long as it is useful to them.
  • Contribute to the conversation, don’t just extract from it. Be an active part of digital conversations. Identify the conversations where you can add value, and participate. But if you don’t have something useful or unique to add, it’s better not to say anything.

For more insight, The Content Council, in partnership with Ad Age, recently released research on the State of Content Marketing. Download the research report.

Read Linda’s full article, and for more insights from the conference, follow the conversation on Twitter under the hashtag #ContentChaosNYC.




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