Does Agency Recruitment Branding Really Matter?

recruitment brandingHow can the government attract the best and brightest? It starts with good branding demonstrating why the agency is the place to work. The need is especially high now as many government employees are nearing retirement. How can the government appeal to young talent?

Recruitment branding helps attract young talent and keeps them engaged.

The private sector has excelled at recruitment branding for years. Industry leaders are not only innovative with product development, but have also created the type of brand that inspires people, making them sought-after employers that attract and retain the right talent.

Yet, despite its importance, and the model private industry has shown, experts say government agencies miss the mark when it comes to developing the right recruitment branding to entice talented young professionals.

There are, however, some agencies leading the pack when it comes to creating a brand that resonates with potential employees.

It starts with research.

One civilian agency demonstrated how to make a mark and attract highly skilled talent. In a two-phased study to aid in branding the agency for employees, the agency first conducted focus groups with junior and senior business majors at universities across the country. Through these focus groups, the agency honed in on what would make the agency an attractive employer. One tactic the study used to strengthen the agency’s brand among students was showing them agency collateral and using their input to change the agency’s branding.

During the initial stage of the research, the agency discovered a surprise: student awareness of the agency was very low with college students. However, the students found the agency’s core brand attributes to be appealing. The agency discovered through student feedback the ability to travel, the organization’s solid benefits, and the strong work-life balance were ideal employer attributes in the eyes of prospective, young employees.

The second part of the study was a telephone survey of college placement officers and career center professionals. The purpose was to measure awareness of agency among college placement officers, as well as gather data to inform the development of recruitment messaging and collateral.

The result was the agency had the tools to not only raise awareness of the agency, but understand exactly what good prospective employees valued in an employer. With their newfound knowledge, they developed a plan that helped attract the talent the agency needed.

Government agencies can take a page from the agency’s playbook and use research as the foundation for building an employer brand that truly resonates. By refreshing their research, they can appeal to the next generation of government leaders we need.

So, to answer the question of whether agency recruitment branding really matters, the answer is YES.

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