Do You Agree with These Digital Marketing Trends? - (Archived)

digital marketing trendsBack in December, The Borenstein Group shared the Top 10 digital branding and marketing trends for 2017. Now that we’re almost through the first quarter of the year, we thought it would be fun to look at a few of these digital marketing trends and get your opinion on what they mean.

  • Psych: It’s Your Data. Cognitive insights derived from advanced analytics will help marketers better understand and predict digital behavior.

    Are you using the data you’ve collected from your customers to drive marketing? If so, how?
  • It’s the Content, Stupid. Content Marketing will face an existential challenge as CMOs will demand hard conversion metrics that can be effectively communicated in the board room.
    We know this is true — it’s all about the ROI. What kind of metrics are you using and do you have the systems in place to measure those conversions?
  • Hamburger Menus Aren’t Organic. Website branding will pose a major design challenge to industry in the fight between user experience and being mobile and desktop friendly.

    We’re not sure we agree with this. If you design your website with the user experience as a priority from the beginning, you should be able to create a good user experience AND a site that is both mobile and desktop friendly. Now, if you ignore user experience, then yes…you’ve got a challenge on your hands.
  • Have You Heard the News? Nope, you’ve read it on Twitter first. Establishment News Networks will continue to lose ground in the battle with organic citizen journalism and fake news. 

    This may be bad for the news networks, but it’s potentially great for your brand as you push your message out through social networks.

What are your thoughts? What digital marketing trends have you seen this year, and what do you think is in store?


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