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According to an article in FierceGovernment, the Department of Justice says the number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that federal agencies did not fulfill spiked by 70% in fiscal 2014 — more than double the increase between fiscal 2012 and fiscal 2013. Responding to FOIA requests is only one part of an agency’s overall records management program, but the backlog demonstrates the need to address how agencies manage records.

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Learn more about the Iron Mountain study about the status of Federal agency records management.

Iron Mountain recently commissioned Market Connections to conduct research to identify the state of records and information management confidence levels among key federal managers, including records professionals and Lines of Business (LOB) management.

In a key survey finding, 85% of respondents said they are not fully convinced current records management practices meet the needs of their agency.

“This survey provides important insights into the mindset of federal employees when it comes to confidence, risk, compliance and awareness issues surrounding records management,” said Tyler Morris, Director, Product Management, for Iron Mountain Government Services.

Key highlights of the research include:

  • Only 39% report that all employees receive formal training to help them appropriately manage records in their immediate control, while 17% receive no training.
  • Internal engagement needs improvement: Just 58% of LOB managers can identify their records liaison officers, and 27% never engage with them on policies or practices for records management.
  • Only 28% of total respondents say they have the necessary tools and procedures in place to comply with the regulations governing information for federal agencies.

The study shows that federal agencies have many questions to consider in finding the right balance to mitigate risk and maximize the value of information. This is especially true when considering the exponential growth of records, the pervasive lack of funding and the increasing lack of confidence in the ability to recoup information after a disaster.

Download the complete survey report and white paper to learn more about the status of Federal agency records management.

Listen to the webinar, “Information Economics for Records Management: Driving Mission Value from Your Agency’s Information,” presented by Iron Mountain.


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