B-to-G Marketers Shift Focus to Digital and Social Channels


“It’s no longer the traditional one-dimensional mass production of hard copy direct mail pieces, where we print thousands of them and send them to government and commercial accounts all in one fell swoop,” says Edward Gala, VP of marketing at Xerox. “Today it’s much more about customized, cross-media marketing. When we do a campaign, it may have a print component, but we would marry customized printing with email and social media and other elements like webinars so that we really create a set of cross-media touch points.”

According to research firm Market Connections, webinars have continued to grow in popularity among government employees. The firm found in its “2011 Federal Media and Marketing Study” that 52% of the more than 3,000 federal employees surveyed had attended a webinar in the past year, up from 21% in the 2010 study.

That easing of the blockades has catalyzed the number of federal employees who access their social networks while on the job. According to Market Connections, the number jumped from 20% in 2010 to 46% in 2011. More than half (51%) of the federal employees who use Facebook do so for work purposes.

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