Barriers and Opportunities for Mobile Government in 2013 - (Archived)

Moving towards a truly mobile government comes with significant opportunities, as well as challenges.

From the technical limitations to the need for comprehensive BYOD policies, to the cost of keeping up with security and ever-emerging device technology, there are some barriers to government agencies fully embracing mobile solutions.

But all is not lost.  Government agencies are seizing more mission-driven opportunities for mobility, which include providing quicker access to information for citizens, supporting missions in the field and offering enhanced flexibility for government employees.

These finds are part of a recent report by the Federal CIO Council, who interviewed 21 agencies on their use of mobile technologies.  As a follow-up report to the Digital Government Strategy, the study highlighted three key considerations by agency leaders for the use of mobile technologies:

  1. Opportunities and barriers
  2. Gaps
  3. Risks, threats, and vulnerabilities

The new study also underscored what was uncovered in a joint AOL Government and Market Connections, Inc. study last year that showed how federal managers see significant potential for mobile technologies to improve productivity and save taxpayer dollars.

Though, respondents to the study expressed concerns that current investments are inadequate to achieve much of that potential.

The AOL Government study of 300 federal managers involved with agency mobile technology strategy, policy, purchasing, design, deployment initiatives or support found that 49 percent of federal managers surveyed said “government employees like themselves” could redeploy at least 7 hours per week toward more productive work if fully enabled to work mobily.

As mobile solutions are advancing at a rapid clip, we hope that government agencies will overcome many of these challenges and embrace mobile solutions that both enhance government employee efficiencies and provide better services to citizens.

And we encourage both agencies and the contractors that support them to continue with research like the CIO Council’s report to better define requirements, test usability of mobile solutions and monitor end user satisfaction.

As we previously highlighted regarding the Digital Government Strategy, actionable knowledge will be the key driver for bringing a mobile government to life.


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