Federal Contractor Boosts Contract Win Rates with Customer Loyalty Program - (Archived)

When the government procurement process moved toward LPTA (lowest priced technically acceptable) awards, many long-established contractors had to re-evaluate their win strategies. One IT integrator realized early that customer satisfaction was a key to remaining competitive in an LPTA environment.

The vice president of quality management said that each time the company conducts a contract evaluation survey, it learns not just about the customer experience, but also about loyalty. Loyalty is directly tied to win rates.

Market Connections surveys the company’s largest and most strategic contracts — a total of about 120 interviews every year. We combine both quantitative and qualitative questions to provide more detailed insights: Closed-ended quantitative questions yield answers that provide hard numbers useful to benchmark and measure progress, while open-ended qualitative questions explore why and how. The customers’ qualitative comments provide the most valuable contract-specific insights.


The customer experience research findings give management an unfiltered understanding of how customers perceive their efforts on individual projects and whether they are meeting contract obligations. However, scoring high on that metric does not mean the customer is satisfied. In some cases the results validate assumptions about the customer’s perception of the relationship, and in others they reveal areas in need of improvement. This could include resourcing, training, upper management attention and communications processes, to name a few.

For strategic business goals, management analyzes the combined data in the contract profiles to make predictive correlations and assumptions for future contracts and evolve future survey questions.

The company’s ability to make strategic performance improvements based on facts rather than internal opinion is paying off in higher win rates. The corporate quality group monitors the progress, and the executive team has structured, measured visibility into potential concerns, progress and best practices. As a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty are consistently high.

How to Implement a Customer Experience Program in Your Firm

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