Calling All Government Contractors: Share Your Insights on the State of LPTA Contracts - (Archived)

Calling all government contractors!


Are LPTA and Best Value procurements a sign of the times?  Will this procurement strategy dissipate once we get through these austere times? How is your firm dealing with the LPTA environment?

These are the kinds of insights that Market Connections, in partnership with Centurion Research Solutions, hopes to gain in a new study of federal government contractors’ perceptions of LPTA contracts.

As part of this study, Market Connections is also talking to government procurement and contracting employees about their experiences with LPTA and Best Value procurements.

By participating in this critical survey you will provide key knowledge that could shape the future of the LPTA procurement process.

In appreciation for your time, you will have the opportunity to choose to receive one or more of the following at the conclusion of the survey:

  • Executive summary of the findings of the Government Contract Award and LPTA Study
  • Market Connections White Paper: Best Practices of Winning Government Contractors
  • Centurion Research Solutions Webinar: The Fundamentals of Competitive Pricing
  • Centurion Research Solutions White Paper: Competitive Pricing Analysis and Best Practices

We’re asking contractors of all sizes and categories to participate, and we will share the responses with the government contracting community at an October release event and right here on FedPulse.  In addition, your responses will be kept confidential and will only be reported in aggregate.

Take the survey now!

Thank you!


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