What Should I Do With My Contract Evaluation Research Results? - (Archived)

By Laurie Morrow, Director of Research Services

In today’s austere budget climate, we are seeing more government contractors implementing contract evaluation and customer satisfaction research to help win recompetes, as well as increase overall competitiveness.

Simply put, this type of research works.  According to our Government Contractor Study in 2012, contractors with higher win rates are more likely to use outsourced customer satisfaction surveys (83%).  In addition, the study found that the vast majority (96%) of contractors use some sort of research to better understand the federal marketplace.

So, while we are seeing more contractors using this type of research, the big question is:  what are they doing with the results?  It is imperative contractors take action and follow through with the research recommendations in order to win more recompetes.

Be sure to read the full article about how contractors can leverage contract evaluation research in ways that enhance business outcomes here.


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