“As a Service” Represents Fundamental Shift In Government Acquisition of Technology and Services - (Archived)

Convergence trends wlogos-01Research Highlights Include:

  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents report moderate to high impact by convergence (75 percent of contractors and 70 percent of government).
  • Government respondents are less familiar with convergence than their counterparts in industry: 13 percent of government is unfamiliar, versus no contractor respondents.
  • Less than one-third of government report using as a service models right now, with software and communications topping the list of services, and platform and training at the bottom.
  • Top benefits of “as a service” include paying only for what is needed, scalability, rapidly deploying new services and improved performance.
  • Contractors believe significantly more strongly than government that little or no capital expenditure and improved security are “as a service” benefits.
  • Government’s top barriers to adoption include security issues/risks, budget constraints, vendor or solution lock-in and unpredictable costs, and they feel significantly more strongly than contractors about security and cost-related barriers.

“Convergence represents a fundamental shift in the way government is doing and will continue to do business,” said Stan Soloway, PSC president. “This will require adjustments to requirements and acquisition models, and companies will have to work with their customers to help them understand and fully leverage the benefits of ‘as a service’ models.”

A white paper from Market Connections and PSC outlines the research findings and implications for both government and contractors. The white paper is available for download at  https://www.marketconnectionsinc.com/convergence.

“This study shows us we are on the cusp of a shift in the marketplace,” said Lisa Dezzutti, president and CEO of Market Connections. “Convergence is about more than just IT and technology. It involves changes in how government scopes and procures services and technologies, how contractors shape their offerings to the government and the up-front investments contractors make to build and support ‘as a service’ models.”

About the Study

In August 2014, leading government market research firm Market Connections, Inc. conducted an online survey of 224 federal government decision-makers involved in selection or acquisition of IT products and services, and 227 government contractor employees, regarding their perceptions of convergence and how these models impact federal procurements.

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