A Customer Satisfaction Index Provides a Snapshot of Customer Relationships - (Archived)

In a post earlier last week, we talked about how customer satisfaction research is an important tool in helping with government customer relationship management — an area in which government contractors rated themselves lower than expected in the 2016 Federal Government Contractor Study. The insights it provides can help you identify where potential issues exist, and help you improve areas that have the most measurable impact on customer loyalty, retention and growth.

The customer satisfaction program is just the beginning of improving government customer relationships for many Market Connections clients. For executives who need to see a high-level snapshot of customer satisfaction levels, a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is a valuable tool. This index simplifies the data into a single measurement that helps users digest the data quickly by providing a composite score of certain questions on a customer satisfaction survey. It is a useful way to see trends quickly and conveniently.

In addition to delivering a companywide measurement, the CSI can provide a way to compare satisfaction on a division or business unit, or even on a contract or project level. And this helps program managers devise meaningful and results-focused plans to manage the customer relationship.

A CSI is a custom tool simply because every piece of customer satisfaction research is customized. The client decides which questions to incorporate into the index, typically based on the company’s strategic priorities. For example, if a client wants to benchmark customer perceptions about the company’s operational performance only, there is no reason to include questions regarding price in the CSI calculation.

A CSI makes acting on any insights easier for the company. And acting on the insights that customer satisfaction research reveals is key to getting the most out of this type of research.



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