Data Replication Tools for Enhancing Mission Effectiveness - (Archived)

Federal agencies are continually challenged with collecting and managing vast amounts of data – with the goal of turning this information into actionable insights for enhancing decision-making.

One side effect of this explosion of data is the opportunity for inaccuracies, which can impact mission and objectives, data security, and compliance requirements.

Integrating applications and data from numerous sources while also improving operational efficiency and increasing information consistency is critical.  Data replication and integration tools help manage this data, keeping it accurate and secure.

Tomorrow, Dell Software is hosting a webinar that will reveal the results of a new independent poll of federal database users and administrators, including:

  • The most sought-after features of data replication tools
  • Biggest frustrations in managing data replication tools
  • Potential costs of not implementing data replication solutions

With numerous tools on the market, agencies face challenges identifying the best tools to fit their short- and long-term needs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to understand the benefits and challenges of data replication and integration tools.

Register here.


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