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Northrop Grumman included infographics in the event marketing materials to visually tell the story about women in this industry. Read more about using infographics.

Last week, Market Connections and Merritt Group announced the findings of the 2015 Content Marketing PulsePoll™, which looked at how both contractors and the government use and consume all forms of marketing content. While there were some disparities in the perceived value of different types of content, 85% of government respondents and 81% of industry agreed that digital content is an effective way to keep government current on hot topics and trends.

Northrop Grumman can attest to the value of digital content. On Wednesday, March 25 at noon EST, the company is presenting “Women in Weather,” a digital conversation about the workforce issues and career possibilities for women in the atmospheric sciences. The American Astronautical Society and American Meteorological Society are hosting the hangout. This hangout is one in a series of events the company is presenting about topics of interest to the weather community.

Northrop Grumman has found these hangouts to be effective. According to the content marketing research, almost half (48%) of government respondents find Google+ to be an effective social channel, making the Google hangout platform a good choice for online conversations. Based on the amount of community engagement and feedback—both during the events and after—Northrop Grumman considers this delivery format to be successful.

“Digital conversations are by nature inclusive—they pull in people from any location, and the content lives on in digital format after the event is over,” says Liz Shrum, Northrop Grumman Spokesperson. “These hangouts bring people together and start important conversations that have lasting impact.”

Shrum says Google hangouts in particular are good because they can simultaneously hold a live tweet while the hangout is happening. By using an event-specific hashtag—#ExtremeWx for this hangout—participants can follow the conversation on Twitter, asking questions and providing comments while they listen to the panelists on the hangout.

Tune in to the hangout on Wednesday to see for yourself how impactful this type of digital content delivery can be.

Download a full report of the 2015 Federal Content Marketing PulsePoll findings.


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