DNI Clapper Will “No Longer Pretend to Do More with Less” - (Archived)

From the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 to sequestration to the government shutdown, the Intelligence Community (IC) has had to operate under the guise of “doing more with less” during a tremendously difficult time.

At the GEOINT 2013* symposium in Tampa, Florida, last week, James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), addressed these challenges head on – tacking the realities of today’s budgetary climate.

DNI Clapper declared in his keynote address that the IC will “not pretend to do more with less.”  Rather he believes that the community will “do less with less.”

From the budgetary restrictions to the Edward Snowden issue, it has been a challenging time for the IC.  As such, Clapper believes that we can mitigate these issues and improve mission effectiveness, but we need the right resources to be able to do this effectively.

To hear his full speech, please view the video below.


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