Federal Agency Marketing Briefs - (Archived)

For the past several years, Market Connections has conducted an annual survey of federal IT decision makers to gain insight into the top federal agencies.  In an effort to better serve the Market Connections community, we decided to gather all of our data from the past few studies to bring you a brand new series of snapshot marketing briefs for various federal agencies. 

Each agency will be reported on separately to give you the ability to focus only on those that interest you. There will be two marketing briefs for each agency: one on best-known IT companies and most valued vendor attributes by federal IT decision-makers and a second report on the most popular sources of IT information. These unique and affordable agency briefs are designed to help you better allocate your marketing dollars and impact your bottom line.   

The first two agencies that will be featured are the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation.  Be sure to visit www.marketconnectionsinc.com next week to order your copies and keep checking in over the next few months for additional agency reports!


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