3 responses on “Federal Agency Social Media Adoption Reaches Near Ubiquity

  1. Marc Hausman

    As always, Market Connections reporting and research on social media adoption in the public sector is exceptional.

    My significant take-away from this post: social media is most effective when you have established success metrics. Don’t just engage to engage. Put in place goals (i.e. content distribution to key constituents or public education) as that will then lead to effective tactical execution.

  2. sandy kumar

    One can term it as a Marketing Strategy or a Communications Strategy, or Social Media can also be more appropriately termed as Corporate Connections. Building and maintaining instantaneous, transparent, collaborative social networks is critical in any environment, whether it is the government or a commercial enterprise. The benefits of mass communications and maintaining an audience’s continuous engagement is enormous anywhere. Especially when it happens more or less at the speed of light.

    Government cannot lag behind when they need the continuous support of citizens. However, before creating a presence, one needs to ensure that steps are firmly in place for careful, responsible distribution of content. More than any other features that exist, even more than measurement of metrics, distribution of content is a key feature that needs several steps of evaluations before publishing. This attribute can create the build or the downfall.

    Management, monitoring, privacy, or ensuring continuous engagement are all secondary attributes for a successful artful form of corporate social media presence.

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