Federal Blue Print: Despite Obama Administration’s Mobile Push, Majority of Fed IT Managers Feel Budgets are Inadequate - (Archived)

Federal Blue Print, the official blog for Blue Coat Federal, recently ran a post about the Obama Administration’s new mobile directive for federal agencies.  The post highlighted data from the recent Market Connections/AOL Government study that showcases how feds believe that the investment into this mobile initiative is lacking.  Be sure to check out excerpts from that post below.

The Obama Administration recently issued a directive requiring each major Federal agency to make at least two of their services available on mobile phones within the next 12 months.  The Administration is also aiming to help entrepreneurs develop new mobile services and applications by providing more government data.

The point of this directive is to provide a government that works anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.  And it is very timely, as by 2015, it is estimated that more people will be accessing the Internet via mobile phones than traditional desktop computers.

It is certainly exciting to see the Administration pushing to make government more effective when it comes to mobile solutions.  Though many federal managers believe that more investment needs to be made to bring this effort to life.

AOL Government and research firm Market Connections just issued a study that shows how federal managers see significant potential for mobile technologies to improve productivity and save taxpayer dollars.  However, the study respondents also expressed concerns that current investments are inadequate.

Check out the full Federal Blue Print post here.



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