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Finally, federal marketers have a reliable and affordable data source for honing and perfecting strategic marketing campaigns.

Reaching the right senior decision-makers at civilian and defense agencies continues to be a key challenge for federal marketers. For federal marketers often with more limited budgets than their enterprise counterparts, every dollar assigned to reach federal decision-makers is a precious resource and must be focused now more than ever.

The Federal Media & Marketing Dashboard, houses ALL the data from the study and can provide detailed information about media habits of federal audiences by agency demographic, product category, purchasing responsibility and other demographics. By giving marketers the ability to slice and dice the data for each demographic, it provides marketers the ability to clearly understand their specific media habits such as:

  • What online publications are they reading?
  • What social media are they using?
  • What sources of information do they trust?
  • How much time are they spending across platforms?

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