Study Shows Federal Decision-Makers Use Multiple Channels for Information - (Archived)

2015 Federal Media & Marketing Study channels

The top channels federal decision makers accessed according to the 2015 Federal Media & Marketing Study

Government decision-makers are accessing information through an increasingly complex mixture of print, digital, mobile and social media, according to the findings from the 2015 Federal Media and Marketing StudyTM. Early results from the 2016 study show that trend is continuing.

A peek at the early 2016 results shows federal decision-makers spend more than 15 minutes accessing content via a mix of channels:

  • 54 percent, news content online
  • 28 percent, news content in print
  • 48 percent, traditional AM/FM radio
  • 16 percent, online radio

This means you have multiple options for reaching your audience. Which channel is best? That depends on exactly whom you are trying to reach and what you want them to do.

To help you determine that, the study data are available via a dynamic online tool, which allows users to cross-tabulate job title and product purchases across all media channels, including job title and web site visits or publication readership; product and service purchases and publication readership; and radio listenership.

This can help federal marketers develop the right media strategy by area of purchase and by job function, ensuring the most efficient use of marketing dollars — whether focused on civilian agencies, defense agencies, inside the Beltway or outside.

For example, the tool lets you drill down to those responsible for purchasing cloud computing services and do a ranker to determine what websites they visit, what magazines they read, and what mobile sites and social sites they visit. To further target, you can isolate this demographic only by those in defense agencies or only in civilian agencies. All these rankers are important because media usage and marketing messaging can and do vary across all these factors. Learn more about the tool.

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While you’re waiting for the results from the 8th Annual Federal Media & Marketing Study, download the 2015 overview report to learn more about the media habits of your target audience.



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