Federal Mobility PulsePoll™ and Infographic - (Archived)

Mobile Devices Increase Government Employee Productivity

May 9, 2013

Federal employees believe mobile devices make them more productive, according to a PulsePollTM from Market Connections and FierceGovernment IT.

More than 80% of government employees agree that a mobile device makes them more productive and is critical to doing their job. Seventy-two percent say they spend more time working while traveling or commuting as a result of their mobile devices. And 62% say mobile devices increase their productivity when working in the field.

300 federal employees responded to the survey in March and April 2013, with 60 percent of the participants being federal civilian employees. Seventeen percent work for the Defense Department or a military agency. Approximately 22 percent are in the legislative branch and about three percent are in the judicial branch.

The poll revealed that mobile solutions free up time and allow federal employees to do more work outside of the office while traveling, commuting, working in the field or at home.



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