The FedPulse 2013 Greatest Hits: Sequestration, Government Travel and “Winning Contractors” - (Archived)

In an era of Buzzfeed-like “listicles,” the FedPulse team has created its own series of top stories for the year.  Rather than focusing on the Top 10 signs that we grew up in the 1980s, and other silly click-bait content, our “best of” pieces showcase the issues and trends that resonated the most in the government-contracting marketplace.

As expected, sequestration rose to the top by a long shot with positive contractor stories also resonating very well.

#10: Q&A: AJ Clark, President of Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, Discusses Rise of “Smart Data” and Impact of Sequestration

Unlike traditional companies selling to government, Thermopylae Sciences &Technology brings a Silicon Valley approach to running its business, which is why our Q&A with AJ Clark came in at #10.

#9: Sequestration Takes its Toll on Travel and Conference Expenditures

Our coverage of NASA cutting its travel and conference expenditures in 2013 came in at #9.

#8: Winning Contractor – Sotera Defense Solutions Achieves Organic Growth Under New Leadership

Our “Winning Contractor” post about Sotera Defense Solutions’ organic growth during a time of challenging budgets came in at #8.

#7: Survey Shows Budget Crisis and Sequestration Fears Already Severely Impacting Federal Contractors

In early 2013, Centurion Research, now part of Deltek, issued a study that, due to sequestration federal contractors were hiring and investing less with reduced revenue and historically low profit margins, which came in at #7.

#6: Top Government Trends of 2013: Cyber, Big Data, Cloud and Mobility

In early January, we covered two studies, our #6, that predicted how government agencies would embrace cybersecurity, big data analytics, mobility, social business and cloud solutions in 2013.

#5: General Dynamics Information Technology and NJVC Lead the Way in Cloud Brokerage Services for Government

Our coverage of how General Dynamics Information Technology and NJVC are helping agencies meet the Cloud First mandates came in at #5.

#4: Winning Contractor – ITT Exelis Continues Growth in Face of Uncertain Budget Climate

Our “Winning Contractor” posts continued to be highly popular in 2013 with our coverage of ITT Exelis’ continued success in today’s austere budget climate coming in at #4. 

#3: Weekly News Kick Off: White House Warns of Sequestration Damage; Contractors Exaggerating Job Losses; DOE Considers Furloughs and Much More

Early 2013 was a stressful time for many of us.  Sequestration was top of mind and many of us operated under the belief that the sky was falling, which is why our sequestration-focused Weekly News Kick Off post was so popular in February 2013 and came in at #3.

#2: Feds Plan on Attending Fewer, More Focused Events and Trade Shows This Year

In early 2013, Monica Parham, Director of Marketing for Market Connections, authored a post, our #2, about how 2013 would be a challenging year when it came to connecting with government decision-makers at key events.

#1: Winning Contractor – SRA International Achieves Steady Stream of Contract Wins in 2013, and Enhances Cyber Talent

Topping the list by a large margin to become our #1 post is our “Winning Contractor” post about SRA International.  The company proved that success was within reach in 2013 by garnering a steady stream of new contract wins, as well as enhancing its cyber efforts.


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