FedConnects is now FedPulse™ - (Archived)

The FedPulse government industry blog, formerly FedConnects™, serves as an information destination for government contractors and agencies alike looking to leverage market intelligence to maximize results and ensure program and contract success.

The editorial team at Market Connections, Inc. understands the importance of keeping your finger on the pulse of an increasingly complex government market. Actionable information will help to ensure success while navigating a changing landscape. For government contractors, the right market data will help to safeguard and maximize contracts, expand business opportunities and deliver a more successful capture process.

For government agencies in the new era of “doing more with less,” ensuring program health and valuable Return on Effort (ROE) can mean the difference between mission success and obsolescence. With the right information, and a roadmap for how to apply it, government decision-makers can feel confident in the opportunity to achieve and sustain program effectiveness.

On an ongoing basis, FedPulse will highlight top stories affecting government and industry and share key insights and recommendations from Market Connections’ team of seasoned researchers and their longtime experience and success in the government market. FedPulse is an information destination for the top research, data and insights on the federal market and industry trends.

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The increasingly complex government marketplace requires more data-driven decision-making than ever before. With knowledge comes power, and we hope you make FedPulse a key source for actionable knowledge and information to drive mission, program and contract success.


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