How Could the Government Have Avoided the Affordable Care Website Debacle? - (Archived)

By Dave Glantz, Director of Research Services

At a time of great austerity, it is more critical than ever for government agencies to ensure their core websites serve as a true citizen- and constituent-facing tool. The highly problematic rollout of the Affordable Care Act website doubly underscores the need for user-friendly, accessible and intuitive government interfaces.

Usability testing is vital to the success of any website or user interface, whether for the use of citizens, businesses or consumers.  Government contractors and systems developers would be wise to include usability testing in the development of any website or IT system. A groundbreaking technology is useless if the user can’t understand or operate it. A system that makes sense to engineers and developers may not be intuitive to end users.

To learn more about how website usability testing can help federal agencies enhance overall effectiveness, click here.


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