How do Government Contractors Position for the Win?

The long government procurement process is a challenge in marketing to the federal government. The 2016 Federal Government Contractor Study showed several ways federal contractors are responding to this and other marketing challenges to remain competitive. One of those tactics is thought leadership.

Last week, we posted a link to research Edelman and LinkedIn conducted showing the real impact quality thought leadership has on winning business. Those results are consistent with what the Government Contractor Survey showed: Three quarters of respondents (75 percent) rated thought leadership materials as the most effective marketing tools. Senior executives agree—87 percent cite thought leadership materials as effective. Speaking at large industry-wide tradeshows and conferences (71 percent) and hosting their own events (66 percent) also rank high on the list of effective marketing activities. And companies with higher new pursuit win rates grade themselves significantly better on demonstrating thought leadership and subject matter expertise (61 percent) than companies with lower new pursuit win rates (38 percent).

“We do not have budget problems in the federal government, but we do have an issue of leaders who need to implement change. To sell that change, you must be positioned as a thought leader and provide insights and solutions they may not know about,” said Anthony Robbins, Vice President of Global Defense at AT&T.

Webinar: Using Research to Position Your Company for Contract Wins

Great thought leadership alone won’t help contractors win the business. The study also showed contractors are being more selective about what they bid on. Capture research is a great tool for informing that decision. By letting contractors probe the customer needs and perceptions, they can create win themes that resonate… or determine the best decision is no-bid.

Join Market Connections Executive Vice President, Aaron Heffron, as he shares tips for using capture research to position your company for the win, or to help make a no-bid decision. Register for the webinar today.

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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