The Greatest FedPulse Research Stories of 2013 - (Archived)

In a year of budget uncertainty, actionable information in the form of market research has been the guiding light for many contractors – allowing them to traverse through some challenging waters. With 2013 officially behind us, the FedPulse editorial team has compiled a list of the top 10 research stories from the year.  We hope this post will serve as a reminder of the power of information when developing capture strategies and campaigns in 2014.

#10: What Is the Optimal, or Minimal, Sample Size for Statistical Validity in Government Market Research? Many clients often ask about the ideal sample size required for achieving statistical validity in market research. The answer depends on the type of research, audience and sample size, and FedPulse covered the details.  Check out the full post.

#9: How Do I Reach Congress, DoD and Intelligence Decision-Makers with Market Research? Coming in at #9, this FedPulse story showcased how to gain insights from Congressional, Department of Defense and Intelligence Community (IC) decision-makers and influencers, to help contractors better serve these specialized audiences.  Check out the full post.

#8: LPTA Procurements Negatively Impact Government Contracts and Sacrifice Long-Term Value At #8, Market Connections and Centurion Research, which was recently acquired by Deltek, issued a study and infographics about how Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts may be awarded to less qualified companies and sacrifice long-term value for short-term cost savings.  Check out the full post.

#7: The Need for Brand Research in the Government Marketplace Brand and perception studies, or Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) research, can provide government contractors invaluable insights into how they are perceived in the government marketplace, revealing gaps in market understanding and acceptance of your brand. At #7, we explored how contractors can better leverage brand studies to remain competitive in today’s austere budget climate. Check out the full post.

#6: Using Research to Drive Effective Thought Leadership A nationwide Market Connections study commissioned by NetApp showed that schools are realizing benefits from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which supports students bringing their own devices (BYOD) such as laptops, smartphones and tablets into the classroom. This explored how third-party research can validate a company’s technical expertise by solidifying its position as a thought leader in any industry.  Check out the full post.

#5: New Study: Government Event Cancellations and Travel Restrictions Negatively Impacting Innovation and Collaboration One of the key findings of a Market Connections, Inc. and Boscobel Marketing Communications, Inc. PulsePoll™, showed how both industry and government believe that event cancellations and federal travel restrictions are negatively impacting innovation and collaboration, which will adversely impact government contractors’ ability to serve government customers. Check out the full post, which comes in at #5.

#4: Poll Finds Poor Communications and Changing Requirements Can Derail Any Government IT Project Poor communications, changing requirements and insufficient funding are key factors that will derail any government IT project, according to this Market Connections-FierceGovernmentIT PulsePoll™. Conversely, clear objectives, strong leadership and good stakeholder communication are the main drivers of success in government IT. Check out the full post, which came in at #4.

#3: Dell Study: Cost of Slow Provisioning in the Millions for Federal Agencies The slow provisioning and de-provisioning of government employees could be costing the federal government millions of dollars each year, which is a key finding of a new Market Connections study, commissioned by Dell Software, which came in at #3. Check out the full post.

#2: Actionable Insights for Every Stage of the Contract Capture Process Knowing when and how to engage with a potential government customer, especially during the capture process, has always been a challenge. These capture process considerations bring us to #2 on the list. Check out the full post.

#1: 2013 is the Year of Mobility in Government — Study Shows Media Landscape Shifting in Government Sector Rounding out the #1 spot, the 2013 Federal Media and Marketing Study highlighted how government executives are embracing mobile solutions, with smartphones and tablets becoming key channels for reading news and information—signaling a major shift in the media landscape where government decision-makers want ubiquitous access to content. Check out the full post and infographics.


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