The Greatest Hits in Customer Satisfaction Research - (Archived)

Market Connections has had the privilege of working with several organizations that use customer satisfaction research to inform improvement efforts, strategic decision-making and drive overall marketing efforts within their organizations.

In 2010, Intelsat General began working with Market Connections to implement its first customer satisfaction survey, and has repeated the program ever since.  Each year, the company takes a proactive approach by engaging in a comprehensive customer satisfaction research program. By using a third-party research provider, the company is able to gain the candid feedback required for improving overall performance.

As a large organization offering commercial satellite communications solutions, Intelsat General deals with significant government contracts that are highly complex, often involving multiple partners and many levels of decision-makers from both the civilian and military agencies. Nancy Nolting, Marketing Programs Manager at Intelsat General, recently shared her insights on the value of customer satisfaction programs to inform strategic decision-making.

“We wanted to know what our customers were thinking and their perceptions of the services that we provide and how this has changed year-by-year,” said Nolting. “It provided us with the data we needed to gauge satisfaction and course correct where necessary.”

In addition, Monster Government Solutions conducted a study with Market Connections that measured satisfaction and the depth of its product awareness. As John Chaconas, Director of Marketing, Monster Government Solutions, stated in a FedPulse Q&A, “It [customer satisfaction research] all comes down to having a yard stick to measure whether your programs, efforts and process are really having an impact.”

MorganFranklin Consulting is currently running TV commercials highlighting the importance of customer satisfaction surveys as a way to bridge the gap between industry and government clients. The ads further showcased how surveys can help diverse groups with a need to work together such as finance and IT. Tapping into such research can help each party view problems from a different perspective and strengthening the relationship.

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Clearly, connecting with the customer is a huge priority, enabling a company to understand its strengths and weaknesses through first hand accounts. As Nolting stated, “Customer satisfaction surveys provide the opportunity to gain the insights needed to keep customers happy and that ultimately keeps everyone happy.”

Chaconas couldn’t have stated the vast importance of customer satisfaction research any better, “It’s vital to have the right instruments to keep you out of trouble.  Information is power.  It’s that simple.”

In today’s austere budget environment, it is vital for government contractors to gain the candied insights needed to improve performance and help in re-competes.  The right customer satisfaction research, provided by an independent third-party, can help any organization improve performance and, ultimately, keep government customers happy.


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