Half of Feds Would Seek Greener Pastures in Private Sector

From Federal Daily | February 21, 2014

About half of federal employees would consider seeking work outside of government, according to the results of a new survey. Among the reasons given: Pay freezes, perceived better pay in the private sector, and a hostile political climate.

The new online poll of feds by Market Connections, Inc., and FierceGovIT also revealed concerns over the “brain drain” and staff reductions that occur as older and more experienced feds retire or look for jobs outside the government. More than three out of four respondents believed that this loss of institutional knowledge eventually will chip away at mission effectiveness.

“It is clear that the recent political environment and agency staffing practices are affecting federal morale,” said Lisa Dezzutti, Market Connections president and CEO. “We could see serious repercussions on mission-critical work as a result of pay and hiring freezes, lack of resources and 50 percent of the workforce considering leaving government.”

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