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In today’s tumultuous business climate, where budgets are tight and competition fierce, retaining business is a top priority for most companies. Yet companies acknowledge it’s hard to know exactly what customers think about the work they’re doing—customers are often reticent about having candid conversations with their vendors and partners.

With this reticence in mind, many of our clients aren’t sure what to do.

Customer and contract satisfaction research could be the answer to retaining and winning business because it helps you focus improvements on specific areas that will have the most measurable impact on customer loyalty, retention and growth.

We believe the starting point is to obtain feedback through third party independent surveys to determine if you are meeting your clients’ needs. Unbiased research via an online or telephone survey will allow you to gain valuable insight into your performance and what is important to your customers.

Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Research

  1. Implementing a customer satisfaction research program enhances your company’s appeal in the eyes of your customer base. It creates trust, and trust goes a long way to ensure a lasting relationship.
  2. The responses help you gauge how well you have performed with your customers. Plus, the research harvested from surveys will help you understand the needs of your customers so you can tailor your service strategies to meet those demands.
  3. If a potential problem is on the horizon, ongoing third-party research also enables your company to objectively identify and target solutions to brewing issues before they become full-blow problems. In other words, it will help you stay ahead of the competition.
  4. Collecting and analyzing data through customer satisfaction research gives you the ability to better understand your customers’ needs, informing the development of new products and services and facilitating lasting relationships with your customers.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty programs are among the keys to unlocking powerful knowledge that will enable you to deepen and strengthen customer relationships while delivering positive ROI.

Be sure to check out the Market Connections white paper for more insights into how these types of actionable insights can help you win more repeat business, increase competitiveness and achieve growth.


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