Increased Time with All Media Among Federal Workforce Poses Challenge for Federal Contractors Trying to Reach Them, According to Annual Study

Market Connections, Inc. Releases Ninth Annual Federal Media and Marketing Study

FAIRFAX, Virginia, November 2, 2017 — Federal government decision-makers and influencers are increasingly spending at least 15 minutes or more during the workday across all media channels – presenting a challenge to marketers trying to reach them, according to the 2017 Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS). Market Connections, Inc. will release results of the ninth annual study of the media habits of the federal workforce this morning, November 2, 8:30-12:00 p.m. at Valo Park Conference Center in McLean, Va.

The 2017 survey finds six out of ten respondents are spending at least 15 minutes or more accessing news content online, watching the news or news programs on TV and listening to traditional AM/FM radio; up from less than 50% in 2016. “One of the main things we’ve noticed this year is that federal decision-makers are spending more time, across more media channels than ever before,” says Lisa Dezzutti, President and CEO of Market Connections, Inc. “This makes it difficult for marketers. On one hand, increased media consumption provides more opportunity to communicate directly with the federal workforce, but on the other, it increases the amount of content out there and challenges you to pick your spots carefully and really differentiate yourself.”

Study cofounder Sara Leiman, VP media director of TMP Government, asserts, “With the gap closing between top publications, and readership up among all properties, federal marketers have a tougher choice to make when deciding where to budget advertising and marketing dollars,” said Leiman. “We’re also seeing decision-makers reading on average four general and four federally-focused publications. This means that as federal marketers, we may need to focus on frequency to cut through the noise.”

More than 3,000 federal decision-makers and influencers take the annual survey. Market Connections aggregates the data and makes it available to federal marketers online. Clients use the data to assess changes in media consumption and identify preferences for print, television, radio, mobile, social media and Internet-based news media. Demographic, job function and purchasing data allows for tactical media targeting and placements. Other highlights include:

  • Two-thirds of respondents note that “fake news” has some level of impact on the credibility of news organizations
  • Over half of respondents place a great deal of trust in the recommendations from peers and colleagues, while four in ten trust white papers, case studies, webinars and websites from a professional association
  • Meanwhile, trust of online opinions posted by peers and colleagues witnessed a significant decrease in trust, dropping from one-quarter (25 percent) in 2016 to only 17 percent in 2017

Lisa Dezzutti and Sara Leiman will present the findings before a panel of federal and marketing executives who will discuss how they are reaching across multiple channels with more frequency to reach their target audiences.


  • Lisa De Luca, senior manager, public sector marketing, Veritas Technologies LLC,
  • Melissa L. Koskovich, senior vice president for communications and marketing, Leidos, Inc.,
  • Grant McLaughlin, chief marketing and communications officer, Booz Allen Hamilton.

The study results summary will be available online after the event. The online tool that provides access to study data from 2016 and 2017 is available for purchase through Market Connections. More information is available at

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