Is the Government its own Worst Cyber Security Enemy?

From Merlin Blog | March 27, 2014

Much is made about the external threats to federal government cyber security: The malware, hackers and unwanted prying eyes. These are certainly concerns that need to be curtailed, but according to a recent survey by Market Connections and SolarWinds, the greatest threats may be coming from within.

Ignorant and untrained insiders may be just as common a security risk as malicious intruders. In the new survey, which polled 200 government IT and IT security personnel, 94 percent of respondents stated that their agencies had good or excellent cyber security readiness policies. Although, while 47 percent said that the hacking community was the biggest threat to government computer security, hot on its heels with 42 percent was the careless actions of insiders. Meanwhile, the former was the top pick among defense-only IT professionals at 53 percent, above foreign governments and terrorists.

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