Is Your Company Searchable? - (Archived)

What have you done lately to feed the Beast?  It seems a common refrain now in all the focus groups we do. Google (the Beast) is the gateway to content, information, and vendors.  No matter how accessible and easy you make your website, the first thing most buyers do when investigating a solution is “Google” it.  They will then look at the results and take an information gathering session from there.

It’s not just home pages that folks will jump to.  White papers, press releases, and other meatier content within the website is very attractive to those looking specifically for key pieces of information.  They will bypass the home page all together. So the question to you would be, are you “optimized” for search engines?

PR is a good tool to gather hits through search engines.  I noticed that SpeakerBox public relations is hosting a session in the DC area on January 9, 2008 about using PR and other strategies to get more press, and therefore, search engine hits.  Click here for more information.  We’ve worked with a number of companies to leverage surveys of their market into press stories and positions as “thought leaders.” Everyone is always trying to Google the thought leader.


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