Do You Know How to Reach Government Decision Makers? - (Archived)

Whether you are focusing on thought leadership, developing white papers, or using other marketing tools to reach government buyers this year, media distribution is likely in your plan. It’s important to know how federal buyers are using different forms of media. That is exactly what the Federal Media & Marketing Study is designed to uncover.

Last year’s Federal Media & Marketing Study found that reaching the right senior decision-makers at civilian and defense agencies continues to be a complex challenge for federal marketers. Every dollar assigned to reach federal decision-makers is a precious resource and must be focused now more than ever.

The study also found that government decision makers are accessing information via an increasingly complex mix of print, digital, mobile, and social media—meaning you need a combination of print, digital and mobile strategies. This useful infographic provides an overview of what media your prospects are using. Download the full media study to learn more.

Federal Media & Marketing Study


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