How to Make an Impact With Infographics - (Archived)

Anatomy of a Great Infographic
They say a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason: for thousands of years, we have been hard wired to respond to the visual cues around us; we simply retain what we see faster than if we read it. That makes delivering important information in an easily digestible visual form effective. For quick response, visuals are the way to go.

Those visuals are called infographics: Snapshots of important data put into a digestible, visual format. Some are simple — a quick pie chart with a valuable fact. Some are more complex, like the one here illustrating the history of infographics. Regardless of how they are designed, chances are you see them many times a day throughout social media, presentations, or in reports.

This is because they are effective.

Your customers must sort through hundreds of messages every day. With so much information to digest, only the most memorable (and easy to consume) messages truly stand out.

Market research lends itself to infographics, which often make complex data simple to understand and much more interesting. And graphics are easy to share, especially in our social media-centric world.

How to Create Great Infographics

Not all infographics are created equally. Like any good report, you need to have a clear idea of the message you are delivering and make sure the data and visuals support that message. A truly effective visual message requires a talented designer to bring it to life. When you have an important message to convey, developing an infographic is well worth the investment.

To create a great infographic, keep these five factors in mind:

  1. It must contain reliable and compelling data.
  2. It should focus on one key point/message.
  3. That key point/message should be central and easy to understand.
  4. It must tell a story. This is easier said than done; it takes time and thought to determine what the story is and create a visual that conveys it.
  5. The reader should be able to read and comprehended it in a few minutes.

Over the years, Market Connections has created infographics ranging from the simple to the complex. For inspiration, see some of the infographics we have created.

(Image compliments of Graphic Design Degree Hub.)


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