Misconceptions About Market Research - (Archived)

Dave Glantz, Director of Research Services, Market Connections, Inc.

Five Market Research Myths and Why They are False

Market research provides B2B and B2G executives with the opportunity to utilize it as a business intelligence tool for driving performance improvements. Unfortunately, many misconceptions exist about market research. This article discusses five common myths and how they can be “myth busted.”  We also cover how partnering with a reputable market research firm will put you at a solid competitive advantage.

Myth #1: Our industry is very complex. A research firm wouldn’t understand our business and couldn’t possibly help us.

Leading research firms dedicate time and resources to understanding client organizations and the industries in which they operate. Moreover, most established research firms specialize in particular markets or areas. For example, Market Connections has in-depth experience with government contractors – many of which sell technology products or services. In addition, we stay on top of the leading-edge issues that significantly impact our clients’ performance and bottom line, such as cyber security and transformational technologies. We also know the federal government and the shifting IT and business process challenges agencies are facing in this era of drastic budget cutbacks. We therefore agree on the importance of partnering with a firm with relevant experience. In addition, a good research firm will not be shy about asking your subject-matter experts for their input. Equally important, such a firm will request that representatives from your company be involved in various stages of the program, including the review and refinement of the survey questionnaire.

Check out the full article that dispels current myths about market research here.


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