Monday Morning News Kick Off: Is the Sky Falling on Government Contractors?; Federal IT Market Braces for ‘Impact;’ and the OMB’s New Modular Contracting Guidelines - (Archived)

Welcome to the Monday morning news kick off post from the FedPulse blog. Market Connections is hosting its 2013 Contractor Outlook Event on Thursday evening, which is going to highlight what it takes to be a winning contractor (don’t miss out!).  As such, we have pulled together all the actionable news about the state of business for government contractors leading up to the event.   See you all Thursday night!

Is the Sky Falling on Government Contractors?

When reading the news about the state of government contracting, it often feels like Henny Penny is doing all of the reporting and the outlook is very dire. But is the sky actually falling? Market Connections will be releasing this year’s Government Contractor Study on June 21st, and some of the findings regarding future opportunities may be surprising.

Federal IT Forecast: Agencies Brace for Impact

Roger Baker, CIO of Veterans Affairs, highlighted at the Deltek MarketView briefing that agencies face possible 10% cuts across the board if sequestration occurs, and need to be prepared to make dramatic cuts.

Federal IT Market Nears Its Bottom

The downward cycle of the federal contracting market should hit bottom in 2013 and 2014 before beginning a steady, modest climb. Check out Washington Technology’s coverage of the Deltek event here.

8 Ways to Align Acquisition to IT’s Pace

The Office of Management and Budget issued a guide June 14 on ways to do modular IT contracting for shorter, leaner projects.

DoD Issues Mobile Device Strategy

The Defense Department’s mobile device strategy released Friday outlines key priorities for speeding secure adoption of government-issued and employee-owned smarthphones and tablet computers.

Northrop Grumman Awards Grants to Los Angeles Area Teachers to Support STEM Education Initiatives

Northrop Grumman has provided grants worth a total of $3,300 to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational initiatives in Los Angeles metropolitan area schools.

SAIC To Be Honored For Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses

SAIC will be formally recognized by the National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC) for its excellence in working with veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSB).

MorganFranklin Corporation’s Pivotal Plays Campaign Receives 2012 Communicator Award of Excellence

Congratulations to MorganFranklin for winning a Communications Award of Excellence for its Pivotal Plays campaign.


One response on “Monday Morning News Kick Off: Is the Sky Falling on Government Contractors?; Federal IT Market Braces for ‘Impact;’ and the OMB’s New Modular Contracting Guidelines

  1. Mike

    While things may be trending down the U.S. Government is still the largest consumer in the world as far as I understand. So I guess this is still the biggest opportunity for someone who supplies them products or services. Additionaly for certain categories such as a veteran owned business or even more a service disabled veteran owned business the opportunities are still fairly large.

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