Monday News Kick Off: Contractors Want Sequestration ‘Certainty;’ Pentagon and FBI Furloughs; and SAIC will ‘Hold Its Own’ - (Archived)

Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from the FedPulse blog. Once again, we are confronted with stories about government contractors wanting more ”certainty” when it comes to sequestration.  Compound this with more news of furloughs set for next year, 2014 may turn out to be more challenging than 2012 and 2013 combined. All hope is not lost, though. Last week’s Federal Media and Marketing Study event declared the sky is not falling for contractors serving government, and Harris Corporation and others keep winning new contracts. Happy Monday!

DNI Clapper: No Furloughs For Civilian Intel Workers

Federal employees at civilian intelligence agencies will most likely be spared furloughs this year, said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Defense Sector Wants Sequestration Certainty

The defense industry is stuck in a period of uncertainty — with companies unable to solidify their financial projections for the remaining five months of the fiscal year –because the Defense Department hasn’t unveiled detailed sequester guidance for 2013.

VanRoekel: Open Data May Require Additional Infrastructure Investment

Agencies will receive no additional funds to implement the White House’s May 9 Open Data Policy. The memo says upfront investment in opening data will be offset by savings realized from streamlining paper-based operations.

FBI Faces Furloughs in 2014

The FBI will furlough agents and employees in fiscal 2014, should sequestration cuts continue as scheduled.

Hagel Cuts DOD Furloughs to 11 Days

The Defense Department has reduced the number of furlough days civilian employees will take to 11, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced last week.

Contractors Ask GSA to Freeze Cyber-Related Regulations

To avoid potential conflicts with forthcoming national standards, Federal suppliers are urging officials to stop computer security rulemakings for contractors until the government issues blanket cyber guidelines for all key industries in the fall.

Obama Accelerates Permits for Infrastructure Projects

President Obama on Friday signed a memo aimed at speeding up the federal permitting process for construction of infrastructure projects designed to boost local economies and create jobs.

Air Shows Grounded Because of Sequestration Cuts

Federal budget cuts that eliminated military flying acts triggered the cancellation of dozens of air shows.

DISA ‘All In’ On Mobile

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced approvals for security technical implementation guides for Apple iOS 6, Samsung Knox and new Blackberry operating systems. This as more than 80% of government employees said in a Market Connections-FierceGovernmentIT poll that mobile devices make them more productive and are critical to doing their jobs.

John Jumper Says SAIC Will ‘Hold Its Own’ Post-Split

The smaller of the two companies that will emerge with the split of SAIC, expected to happen in the next few months, will “not only hold its own, but grow,” said CEO John Jumper.

U.S. Navy And Lockheed Martin Deliver Secure Communications Satellite For Mobile Users

The U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin have delivered the second Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) spacecraft, which will improve secure mobile satellite communications. It is being prepared at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. for a July liftoff.

Lawmakers Press Pentagon to Fund General Dynamics’ Battlefield Network

The Pentagon is being urged by a group of 71 lawmakers to fund General Dynamics Corp.’s battlefield communications network instead of shifting the funds to more urgent needs.

Harris Corporation Receives $26 Million Order from U.S. Marine Corps for Falcon Manpack Radios

Congratulations to Harris Corporation for receiving a $26 million contract to help the U.S. Marine Corps to expand its wideband tactical networking capabilities.

2013 Is the Year of Mobility in Government: Study Shows Media Landscape Shifting in Government Sector

According to the 2013 Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS) from Market Connections, Inc., government executives are embracing mobile solutions, with smartphones and tablets becoming key sources for news and information – signaling a major shift in the media landscape to government decision-makers wanting ubiquitous access to content.



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