Networking Tips - (Archived)

Last week the Market Connections team attended a “Lunch ââ?¬Ë?n’ Learn” about effective networking, where we learned the following eight tips to make networking easier.

1. Read professional magazines outside of your profession, particularly those of your suppliers/vendors or clients

2. Read magazines about hobbies you aren’t interested in (In addition to those you are!)
Popular choices may include jogging, cooking, landscaping, or golfing. Knowing a little bit about a lot of different subjects makes it very easy to chat, and network, with others.

3. Set a connection target and stick to it
If you contact just four people a day, that’s 100 touch-points each month!
When you attend an event, make it your goal to meet at least 5 new people.
4. When speaking with people, ask open ended questions
An easy example of this is “Tell me more about”¦.”

5. Remember things that are important to people
Most people will forgive you if you forget things, but remember that their little girl just turned five and started kindergarten, and you’re a star.

6. Connect people with similar interests or to solve a problem
If you know two people who would benefit from knowing each other, introduce them. By offering a favor you have now made yourself look great to both�and they both owe you.

Always approach others with a smile on your face and a cheery comment. Don’t be negative or critical right off the batââ?¬â?remember, you attract more bees with honey!

8. Don’t force networking
If you have an event to attend, but you have too much on your plateââ?¬â?don’t force yourself. There are always more opportunities to network later, and forcing will probably put off more people than it will attract.


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