New Poll: Calling All Federal Opinion Leaders to Share Government IT Insights - (Archived)

Market Connections is calling on all federal government opinion leaders to share your insights on the success of government IT projects in a brief national poll.

The knowledge gained from the poll will help provide a clearer picture of overall government IT needs and challenges.  It will also help federal partners and contractors better support government’s mission through the most innovative IT solutions.

Under no circumstances will your individual answers be divulged – they will be used for research purposes only and will be reported in aggregate with those of other people responding to the study.

Take the poll now! This brief survey will take just a few minutes of your time.

To make sure your opinions are reflected in the results, please submit your completed response no later than Friday July 19, 2013.

Results from this poll will be shared right here on FedPulse in early August at

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this study!


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