New Study: LPTA Procurements Negatively Impact Government Contracts and Sacrifice Long-Term Value - (Archived)

In an online survey of 375 government contractors involved with business development or program management activities in their company, and 360 federal government decision-makers involved in the selection of contractors and vendors, the survey found that:

  • LPTA sacrifices long-term value: 65% of contractors and 43% of government employees believe that LPTA procurements sacrifice long-term value for short-term cost savings.
  • Less qualified contractors win LPTA contracts: Both audiences (71% contractors and 59% government) see the same two main drawbacks of LPTA for the federal government: the potential for contracts to be awarded to less qualified companies and sacrificing long-term value for short-term cost savings.
  • LPTA procurements will increase in the next three years: Both audiences believe that LPTA procurements will increase in the next three years (59% contractors vs. 42% government), overwhelmingly driven by federal budget restrictions.
  • Government employees are less familiar with LPTA: Nearly all contractors indicated they are either very familiar (77%) or somewhat familiar (19%) with LPTA. About two-thirds of government employee respondents are either very familiar (32%) or somewhat familiar (33%) with LPTA.
  • Contractors equate best value with LPTA procurements: Two-thirds of contractors (63%) are likely to equate an RFP specified as “Best Value” as an LPTA RFP.

LPTA thumbCenturion Research Solutions identified $27.7 billion in actionable LPTA opportunities using its Business Intelligence NOW™ opportunity tracking tool, with an average annual value of $18 million. If indeed best value equates with LPTA, the total value of opportunities expands to $744.5 billion and the average annual value doubles to $38.8 million. Centurion identified Department of Defense as the top user of LPTA procurements, and the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Homeland Security as holding the most LPTA opportunities among civilian agencies.

“If indeed LPTA equates with best value, the scope of impact increases dramatically,” said Fritzi Serafin, Vice President of Research Services at Centurion Research Solutions. “The total dollar value of actionable opportunities increases more than 25-fold with the dollar value range expanding significantly, and the average annual value more than doubling.”

top reasons thumbAn overview of the study results is available for download at The full report will be available for purchase in November.

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NOTE: On November 13, 2013, Centurion Research Solutions announced it had been acquired by Deltek. See the press release.


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