A New Twist on LPTA Procurements - (Archived)

A couple of weeks ago, Market Connections and Centurion Research issued a study about how Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts may be awarded to less qualified companies, sacrifice long-term value for short-term cost savings and could act to lower government contractors’ standards of performance.

The study captured a tremendous amount of media attention; reinforcing that LPTA procurements are top-of-mind for both the government and contracting communities.

The Potomac Forum, a longstanding non-profit that provides training for both government and industry, is also tackling this issue with a program that presents a “new twist” on LPTA procurements.  Previously, most training on LPTA procurements had focused on helping contractors better understand how to bid to maximize their company’s best interest. The November 7th Potomac Forum Training Workshop is being presented to the government with a federal focus to help government managers better understand how they should develop RFPs and evaluate proposals to look after the best interests of the government and taxpayers. Industry is also invited to attend.

The focus will be on what industry does or can do to “game” the system.  The expected result of this workshop will be better RFPs, better evaluations and a fairer competitive landscape for industry.

Additional information and registration is available at www.potomacforum.org, or calling 703 683-1613.

Don’t miss out on this event!


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