Overcoming BD “Nightmares” to Win More Contracts - (Archived)

The government contracting arena is highly complex and the path to winning new projects is often fraught with major roadblocks.

Knowing these roadblocks in advance and developing a BD strategy that enables your company to clear the hurdles is a critical first step.

A recent white paper from Centurion Research Solutions, aptly titled, “Tales from the Crypt: Business Development Horror Stories And What They Can Teach Us,” showcases some key, and quite painful, lessons learned by contractors seeking to grow their businesses.

Some of these stories include smaller contractors being short-changed by larger primes when it comes to collectively bidding on a project.  In addition, one contractor had internal line managers who were not committed to business growth.  As such, an incentive program instilled more motivation internally.  And, finally, the report included plenty of stories about businesses going after contracts they were not qualified to service—and thus they did not win the business.

[pullquote]While there are many examples of BD “nightmares,” fortunately there are solutions for overcoming these challenges. [/pullquote] While there are many examples of BD “nightmares,” fortunately there are solutions for overcoming these challenges.As we have highlighted on FedPulse before, research can inform more effective communications with government customers and prospects throughout the lifecycle of the acquisition and the contract.

New pursuit and capture research can help contractors to better anticipate and understand the needs and goals of their target markets and provide fact-based insights to inform more effective capture strategies.

These types of insights can tell you whether you are well positioned to win; what the government customer thinks of you and your competition; whether you have the most effective strategy for winning new programs or re-competes; and the types of opportunities you are most likely to win.

It’s challenging enough to win new contracts in today’s marketplace. Centurion Research offered some sobering insights into the challenges that exist beyond just dealing with the budget cuts.

The white paper concludes with Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, which is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

In addition to Centurion’s recommendations for avoiding some of the most common business development pitfalls, contractors can break the insanity cycle with actionable research that informs your positioning, pursuit strategies and win themes.


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