Why Does Past Performance Really Matter in an LPTA World? - (Archived)

By Dave Glantz, Director of Research Services, Market Connections, Inc.

The idea of past performance often does not come to mind when contractors pursue Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts. As price is the main driver for these procurements, it tends to overshadow the ongoing, vital importance of past performance.

Even in the LPTA environment, demonstrating past performance through the use of customer satisfaction and contract evaluation research is actually more important now than ever. I would even say that we need a new twist on the LPTA acronym to stand for “Let Performance Tap Awards.”

This mind shift is necessary for three simple, linear reasons.  Be sure to read the full article about how solid past performance can help contractors be more successful in today’s LPTA world here. 


One response on “Why Does Past Performance Really Matter in an LPTA World?

  1. Bill Kaplan, CPCM

    Past performance will always be important…F&OC, LPTA, sole source, set aside…you are what you do…and deliver. LPTA has its place and in the right context…it’s an acquisition strategy choice by the Government based on the requirement(s). When you deliver, your only choice should be “your best” to meet requirements and exceed expectations.

    The Government client may forgive that something was a bit late, but they will always remember if the quality and deliverable met the need and provided the solution to the requirements.

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