PODCAST: Lisa Dezzutti, CEO and Founder of Market Connections, Discusses How to be a Pivotal Player in Today’s Government Climate - (Archived)

In case you have never checked out the Pivotal Plays blog hosted by MorganFranklin, it is an award-winning blog that showcases people and organizations that put into play a decisive action with tremendous impact on the business — developing groundbreaking innovations, and accomplishing the extraordinary with limited resources.  This is why we were honored to see Market Connections’ Founder and CEO, Lisa Dezzutti, showcased as a leader who enables federal agencies and government contractors to pull off their own pivotal plays.  Be sure to check out the full Pivotal Plays post below.  We have also included the podcast interview with Ms. Dezzutti. 

In today’s government climate of increased competition, and continuous pressure to deliver more with the same or less, contractors need to continuously pull off pivotal plays to remain competitive.  In addition, government agencies need to ensure that all of their programs fully serve citizens while supporting mission goals.

Enter Market Connections. We had the pleasure of connecting with Lisa Dezzutti, Founder and CEO of Market Connections, Inc.  Ms. Dezzutti runs a small, woman-owned research firm that provides contractors and agencies with the right actionable intelligence they need to pull off pivotal plays.

A pivotal example: Market Connections recently helped Lockheed Martin and its Cyber Security Alliance to develop a market study, follow-on webinar, and other marketing efforts — that resulted in a multi-billion dollar contract for this global security and aerospace giant.

In addition, Market Connections also recently issued its 2012 Government Contractor Study, highlighting what it takes to be a winning contractor in today’s budget environment.

Be sure to check out our full podcast with Ms. Dezzutti below.

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