The Professional Services Council Takes Action Relating to Breach of National Security Information - (Archived)

Late yesterday, The Professional Services Council (PSC) released a statement regarding their position on the recent national security breach by Andrew Snowden, as it relates to the government contracting industry.

Stan Soloway, PSC president and CEO, said in the written statement, “The Snowden case does, of course, merit close attention … However, the manner in which these relevant and important questions have been distorted and turned into yet another round of contractor bashing is both unfortunate and counterproductive.

The statement bulleted out PSC’s position and messaging on the issue, including:

  •  The issue is not “at all relevant to the role of contractors.”
  • PSC questions whether the government’s clearance process works as designed, and points out that the process is the same for contractors and government employees.
  • The majority of clearances are held by military and civilian government employees, not contractors.
  • PSC refutes assertions that the government’s use of contractors is related to Snowden’s personal actions.

In a June 11 Politico article, Soloway said, “[I]t really doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that there was a contract employee involved … Clearances are clearances. And the process, whether it’s polygraphs or lifestyle assessments or interviews or whatever else goes into it is the same regardless of who you work for. Whether he was a government employee or a contractor employee or Private Manning, he would have been through the same process.”

Read the full PSC statement.


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