Q&A: Greg August, Media Director at mcgarrybowen, Discusses Why Targeted Media Buying Works for Clients Like Northrop Grumman - (Archived)

Advertising and marketing agencies working in the government contacting sector are tasked with the challenge of both developing creative that resonates with government decision makers, as well as targeting these federal leaders with their messaging.

This is no easy task.  While the DC marketplace is small, when compared to a national consumer advertising campaign, it can be difficult for advertising agencies to develop the right media buying strategies that work. In addition, as the competition is heating up amongst contractors for less government dollars, effectively reaching federal leaders and procurement officers is paramount.

FedPulse recently spoke with Greg August, Media Director at mcgarrybowen, who is an avid user of Market Connections’ Federal Media & Marketing Study (FMMS) online tool for his work with Northrop Grumman Corporation. The annual FMMS study measures readership by government decision makers of more than 35 federal and general news publications, frequency of visits to more than 50 different web sites, social media, mobile tool usage and more.

FedPulse:  Tell us about mcgarrybowen.

August:  mcgarrybowen was founded in 2002. We are a fully integrated global communications agency known for delivering big organizing ideas and “work that works.” We cover a wide variety of clients from consumer to government and from global to local.  We’ve been named ‘Agency of the Year’ twice in the last three years by Advertising Age and also by Adweek this year. Headquartered in New York City, mcgarrybowen also has a full service office in Chicago and international full service offices in London and Dusseldorf, with more coming very soon this year.

FedPulse: Tell us about your work with Northop Grumman.

August:  As you know Northrop Grumman is one of the leading and largest defense contractors.  We primarily focus on promoting the outside brand within the D.C. market – especially targeting government leaders at the Pentagon, Congress and other federal agencies.  Since we are a full-service and integrated shop, we are able to serve this client well, especially since it is such a large organization with multiple fairly independent business units.

FedPulse: How do you use the Federal Media & Marketing Study (FMMS) tool for support Northop Grumman?

August:  Targeting government leaders is actually very challenging because there are limited tools and research out there to justify any significant media spend.  There are studies from the publications and some syndicated research, but nothing that is truly effective like the FMMS tool.  It is highly intuitive and does not require our media planners to have training to use it effectively. The tool also provides data about the digital and social side of government, which helps us develop our digital media buying strategies.  Without this tool, you are essentially making an educated guess with regards to reaching this audience.

FedPulse: Would you recommend this tool to others and why?

August: Indeed.  There are not many options out there like the FMMS tool and, as I mentioned, it is very easy to use.  We are always stretched for time and this offers us the opportunity to access the data we need quickly and easily.

We would like to thank Greg for spending time with us and sharing his insights into the value of targeted, strategic communications. Visit www.marketconnectionsinc.com/mediastudy for more information about the federal media study tool.



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