How Research Informed One Company’s Capture Strategy

As one government contractor considered entering the cybersecurity space, they realized in order to be successful, they needed to approach their capture strategies differently than other markets; that meant conducting capture research. They knew not only would the research give them actionable insights about market perception, the information would play a key role in developing the right offerings to meet government needs and budgets.

“Without understanding the customer’s problem set and challenges, it is impossible to develop the right solutions that meet their needs,” the company President said.

She noticed many competitors seemed to develop their cybersecurity solutions and then search for a problem to address. Using capture research, her company could do the opposite: they determined the problem first, then developed a way to meet those needs. “By starting with requirements rather than the solution we feel we have much more effective mission support-based solutions.”

Capture research provided a competitive edge by uncovering the needs and defining mission success, and the company entered a new market with services their target customers wanted and needed. Today, they have a robust cybersecurity practice.

Using Research to Position Your Company for Contract Wins

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