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Many in the government contracting industry just returned from the Professional Services Council (PSC) Annual Conference. While it’s no surprise the government shutdown was a big topic of discussion, every presentation and panel also addressed the issue of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable procurements (LPTA). The consensus appears to be that LPTA is not going away, and contractors need to find ways to be more competitive to survive in an LPTA procurement environment.

To gauge the impact of LPTA procurements on government agencies and the contractors who serve them, Market Connections, Inc. and Centurion Research Solutions have partnered to produce an in-depth study of:

  • Government LPTA procurements;
  • Perceptions of LPTA among government and contractors; and
  • LPTA’s effect on the development and delivery of solutions to government.

Market Connections and Centurion Research Solutions will present the results of this new study on Thursday, October 24th at an industry breakfast event at the Gannett Conference Center in McLean, Va. The event is sponsored by TMP Government and BDO.

The study will reveal the agencies with the most LPTA procurements, types of products and services being procured as LPTA and the dollars associated with LPTA procurements. The event will also share insights into the adjustments contractors are making to respond in an LPTA procurement environment—both according to survey results and panelists representing the government contracting industry.

Market Connections just announced the lineup of speakers and panelists for the event.


Lisa Dezzutti – President and CEO, Market Connections, Inc.
Fritzi Serafin – Vice President of Research Services, Centurion Research Solutions


Deb Alderson – President & CEO, Sotera Defense Solutions
Michael Fischetti
– Executive Director, National Contract Management Association (NCMA)
George Obertubbesing – Vice President, Business Development, Harris IT Services
Ray Whitehead – Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Planning, General Dynamics Information Technology

The panel will be moderated by Lisa Dezzutti.

Get more details and register now. Seats are filling up quickly!


One response on “Respond to Increased Competition in an LPTA Procurement Environment

  1. William V.

    LPTA is doing nothing more than depressing wages and in some cases leads to awards to companies that have “low-balled” their bid without considering how they will fulfill the contract. Many times the end customer’s requirements are not fulfilled, or positions are filled by less than qualified individuals.

    LPTA should be more of a process of TALP, where technical acceptability of all offers is first considered, and then the price envelopes are opened. As it currently stands, pricing envelopes are opened first and only the lowest priced technical proposal is forwarded to the end customer for evaluation. A negative evaluation is often too much paperwork for the end-customer to justify, and only delays their receipt of needed support/resources, so often a “dodgey” technical proposal is accepted to kick the can down the road and get some support.

    If LPTA is to become the model acquisition strategy, the government should have an internal cost estimate which sets the pricing bar. This would eliminate and weed out those who provide a low-ball bid below the threshold set by the internal cost estimate.

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