Seven Facts You Need to Know about LPTA

From Washington Technology | October 24, 2013

Let’s face it: lowest price, technically acceptable contracting is here to stay. It isn’t going anywhere—not anytime soon, at least—so it’s important to learn the facts so that you can remain competitive in the LPTA era.

Fact one: There are $27.7 billion in LPTA contract opportunities, according to an analysis by Centurion Research Solutions, who along with Market Connections produced an LPTA conference on Thursday. The opportunities range from meager — $40,000 — to huge — $6 billion. The average is a healthy $70 million with an average timespan of 3.6 years, and an average annual value of $18 million.

Fact two: A survey of 375 government contractors and 360 federal government decision makers by Market Connections found that 31 percent of federal employees said they were very likely to issue an LPTA RFP, with 33 percent answering that they were somewhat likely; that’s 64 percent all together.

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